Thursday, December 09, 2004


China & Clinton: Still Together After All These Years

As if it wasn't enought that treasonous pussy-hound BJ Clinton did all he could to support China's ambitions to improve their missile technology, he's now schlepping support onto a Red China backed search engine, Accoona, that will compete with Google. Serve's the pinko idiots at Google right for supporting the dems anyway.

What did BJ get in return? A heaping helping of laundered money for his double-wide library and massage parlor.

Oh, and what about those efforts to aid China in developing its rocketry? Well, the Chinese Navy recently started sea trials of its new SSBN (nuclear missile submarine) and they now also have the capability to put any rocket from their land missile sites to any site in the northern hemisphere. Thanks, BJ!

With an idiot like Clinton spending eight years running a foreign policy aimed at coddling dictators, it's no wonder Japan is rejecting the tenets of pacifism that dominated its post-war policy. Who can blame them? Clinton did everything possible to aid the following American (and Japanese) enemies: AQ Khan, Al-Qaeda, North Korea, Russia, China, North Korea.

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