Sunday, November 14, 2004


Western Radicalization

Here's a revoltin' development that the communist MSM won't report on; western radicalization. It's what the crazed goatfuckers are doing to young men and women in the west. We're developing a mindset that mozlemz are nothing but murdering, rabid animals. And we've all seen "Old Yeller".

We see that the Netherlands has been hijacked by this group of scum and the government won't respond with the needed force. It merely declaims both sides to be at fault even though only one side is doing the murdering of innocent people: The mozlemz.

We see that mozlem groups in the USA are doing nothing except raising funds for terrorists around the world while ezecuting a perfect snowjob on the US media to keep the public from finding out about their real plans. The MSM keeps blaming the west for "radicalizing" mozlemz. Well, guess what? The mozlem murder of innocent people all over the world HAS RADICALIZED ME AND MILLIONS OF WESTERNERS ALL OVER THE WORLD! We see that from Malaysia to Mozambique to Michigan, the murdering mozlem is on the march. We don't give a fuck for "innocent" people in Iraq. I'd kill all of them given the chance. I've already proposed poisoning their water supply with lead to create birth defects that will cripple the next generation of mozlem terror-mongers. So let the media report on that and call us "racists" or "intolerant". We are damned intolerant of a media that hates us and loves our enemy.

And now Time is reporting that the towelheads are planning to bring a nuclear device across the Mexican border! Let me tell you ignorant worshippers of that child-molster Mohammed something: If you are even caught in another country trying plan to smuggle an NBC weapon into the USA, millions of Americans will rise up, grab our guns and kill everyone of you sons of bitches that are already here. There'll be nothing the US government can do to stop it, because they'll have to deal with the hate mozlemz have generated against themselves. Any politician not conforming to the new order will be hung for treason. And we'll toast marshmallows by the bonfires that used to be those snake-den mosques.

How's that for radicalism?

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