Monday, November 01, 2004


Tom Wolfe Sticks It To Liberals

"I would vote for Bush if for no other reason than to be at the airport waving off all the people who say they are going to London if he wins again."

"I cannot stand the lock-step among everyone in my particular world. They all do the same thing, without variation. It gets so boring. There is something in me that particularly wants it registered that I am not one of them."

These are just two of the great quotes from this article in which Wolfe at least tries to explain to the lefties why they will be crying on Wednesday morning. The article is from that pinko rag, The Guardian, that tried to alter the election in Ohio for John Kerry. Wolfe admonishes them for that act of idiocy as well.

The elite MSM should thank Wolfe for showing them how to do something that none of them are currently capable of doing: thinking independently.

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