Friday, November 05, 2004


Note To Europe: Work With Us Now, Or BEG For Our Help Later

Our pinko internal enemies could just drop dead. Whatever. We REAL Americans need to do two things: Make sure all internal opposition to tax reform, litigation reform, judiciary appointments, use of force against asshole terrorists, etc. is crushed. Thoroughly. The other is to help those in foreign lands who need our help and appreciate America as the great nation that it (and it alone) is, was, and will be.

No other nation can do the good we can do. No other nation will do the good we do. Remember, NATO is comprised of 70% American forces. By leaving "Old Europe" we force them to look to their rampant internal problems sooner and fight or flee the moslems currently infecting their continent and murdering their citizens as the Euro-trash press complains about GWB. Yeah, HE'S the problem.

No "healing", no "reaching out", no "bipartisanship" bullshit. Because the people we're up against are sick, monstrous animals. This is no time to let up on our enemies.

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