Thursday, November 11, 2004


New Front In Struggle Against Goatfuckers?

Forget about Fallujah and the sand-monkey/white race traitor propaganda spilling out of same, the new front in the War on Terror is the Netherlands.

Theo Van Gogh's murder last week was just a symtpom of an underlying sickness: tolerance of mozlemz (NOT moossslims) by non-mozlems. You accept them at your own peril. The efforts of mozlemz in America to vote Kerry into the Oval Office reminded my of the Brownshirts fighting to install Hitler in 1933. Fits well, considering mozlemz hate Jews more than Hitler did. Of course, Kerry's a Jew, but I guess they didn't get that memo. The goatfuckers certainly used all the violence and intimidation of a good Nazi.

Look, these towelheaded terror-mongers are at war with the human race.

The mozlem is killing Hindus in India
The mozlem is slaughtering blacks in Africa (so's France: Ivory Coast & Rwanda).
The mozlem is killing Americans by blowing up our buildings
The mozlem is killing Chinese in China.
The mozlem is killing Phillipinos in The Phillippines.
The mozlem is killing Russians in Russia.
The mozlem is killing Europeans in Europe.
The mozlem is aiding murderous drug barons in South America and Asia.

The mozlem is the enemy of the human race. Every single one of them needs to be killed or converted. To atheism, Christianity, Judaism, Shintoism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judyism, anything but worship of that child-molesting liar, Mohammed.

The Dutch have handled smaller attacks on their country better than the USA by blowing up mozlem schools (although not as well as Nepal handled mozlem attacks). When will the USA wise up and start putting these "people" in camps where they belong? The Dutch have.

If the USA doesn't follow my advice, it may end up like Malmo, Sweeden.

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