Tuesday, November 23, 2004


More Butt Fucker/Goat-Fucker Collaboration

The radical left is at it again: Promoting an enemy political system that WILL kill them given the chance; Mohammedanism. The conspiracy is going on right here in our own country at universities and in cities. Basically, anywhere blue-staters gather.

And of course while sticking up for raghead-ism, the left is sure to demonize Christianity. After all Christ was a Jew who stood up for his fellow Hebrews when a group was trying to wipe them out. And that simply is asking for it from the anti-Semitic left and the towelheads who are itching to do things to the Israelites that would make the Nazis puke.

For a group that demands at knifepoint that you believe in their "tolerance" I wonder what they think of the nearing race war in The Netherlands? Or the coming civil war in all of Christian (yes, at heart it really is, and certainly will be if the mozlemz keep up their animalistic behavior; jihad does breed crusade after all) Europe?

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