Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Jihad Has Bred Crusade

Utopia is dead! Long live Utopia!

That's the cry of European leftists who absolutely refuse to believe that the mozlem animal has taken full advantage of a society castrated and financially strapped by generations of scum like Jackass Chirac. And real Europeans (not their panty-waist elitist leaders) have had enough.

You see, Theo Van Gogh's murder was just the beginning. Europeans have had their eyes opened to what happens when you ignore a cancer; you end up dominated like Malmo, Sweeden.

No just as Victor Hanson predicted, ugly things are coming out of Europe. Like a coming race war. You can call it whatever you want, but Europe has a history of these massive internal conflicts and they've apparently decided that the Moors are back. And they need to be defeated again.

The thought of mozlem bodies on funeral pyres warms my heart.

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