Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I Went To War In Iraq & The Vibe Awards Broke Out!

The annual Vibe Awards brawl was held the other day. It turned bloody when a large fight broke out during which one man was stabbed. The more things change at the Vibe Awards, the more things stay the same. I heard they wanted the National Guard to patrol the stage, but the Guardsmen decided they'd be safer in Afghanistan.

The good news: There was a doctor there.

The bad news: It was Dr. Dre (who apparently isn't a real doctor).

I kept getting this footage confused with the video of fighting in Iraq. For a while there I thought there was a rapper named Fallujah. Why not? Their names make no sense to me anyway. I think some of them are just using their license plate as their rap-name.

A'm FTK-1985, Keepin' it rallll! Peace out, yo! Or A'll stabbb ya.

I think they should just have the Vibe Awards on pay-per-view as a fighting chamionship. I can see it now:

The 2005 Vibe Awards: NO HOLDS BARRED!!!!

Instead of choosing a winner, they can just get all the nominees together for a steel cage match.

Between this fight and Ole Dirty Bastard dropping dead in a studio from a drug overdose, people may start to get the wrong impression about rappers.

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