Friday, November 19, 2004


Clinton Corruption (Yes, Again!)

While on CNN (Clinton News Network) Hillary Clinton warned the Republican government that "[A]bsolute power corrupts absolutely." And she should know considering how corrupt and sleazy her husband's administration was. From failing to pursue terrorists after the 1993 WTC bombing to the murder of Vince Foster to the handing over of Elian Gonzalez to communist killers, no administration was worse for America than Bill Clinton's.

Just look at B.J . Clinton's attitude toward Peter Jennings last night. Clinton blames the media for his troubles while in office. Oh, yeah it was Tom Brokaw having affairs with fat trailer-skanks and selling missile technology to China. Hell, the media loved Bill Clinton. That's why so many people are snowed about how awful the Clinton's really were.

Looking at it like a richter scale, the Clinton scandals that got reported ranged from, maybe, a 4 to a 6.5. The scandals that didn't get reported (Chinagate, coddling of dictators in Rwanda, Haiti, and failures in neutralizing Al Qaeda) were magnitude 12's, with the ground moving up and down in visible waves while cracks open up to swallow whole cities. Is it any wonder people are turning to Fox News in droves?

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