Friday, November 19, 2004


California Here I Go?

Crazy Commie California's idiotic social, legal, abusiness, and tax policies are driving companies and people away in droves. Even (possibly illegal) immigrants don't want to stay in the state and are taking themselves and their increasingly conservative values to other states in the southwest.

Joining those people leaving are all of California's major industries such as aerospace, and even (gasp!) the entertainment business. Almost as synomymous with California are high-tech businesses that are unsure if they can stay given California's business-unfriendly agenda and the resulting cost-of-living increases for those workers living near Silicon Valley.

What good does it do to mandate health care for workers if it drives the business forced at gunpoint to provide the care out of business? Does any single one of the radical liars who call themselves liberal running California (yes, I include the Governator) honestly think this is the way to promote "progressive" policies? Considering the radical population shifts we are about to see, do any of the other lying blue-staters who call themselves liberal think these policies are going to help them cling to the craps of power they have now?

Maybe that electoral college map will favor Republicans even more heavily in, say, 2012 or 2016 than anyone can imagine. With the vast majority of the country's land area being friendly to Republicans and with so many people squeezed together by bullying slumlords in the leftist enclaves like New York, Boston, and San Francisco, what reason is there for independent individualists caught there not to move?

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