Friday, October 29, 2004


Time To Nuke The Towelheads!

ABC "News" finally got around to airing a tape of a race-traitor who used to be an American telling us Al Qaida was going to attack us even worse than S11.

Of course, ABC sat on the tape for as long as possible to keep the American public from hearing it because it would remind everyone what this election is really about. Sure the tape actually mentions gay marriage, but the issue is: how do you get homo-married when you've just been blown up by a sand-monkey? I don't think you do.

Michael Savage was right last night when he said we need to nuke Mecca, Medina, and any other moslem capital that is tied to terrorism. That is the only thing that will show the subhumans that we mean to stop them. Savage did say he wouldn't nuke Mecca during that satanic pilgrimage they have. I would.

I'd also kill anyone here in America who didn't like killing the towelheads. Why is it liberals always complain about killing our enemies and then don't care when Americans get killed? Somme libby-traitors have complained about the number of US troops killed in Iraq. Well, if they came back OK, you'd just spit on them and call them baby-killers (then you'd attend an abortion rally, go figure) so don't tell me you care for them. I say we kidnap liberal traitors and use them as cannon fodder. Let's let them get blown up while they try to help the poor oppressed masses, or whatever.

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