Thursday, October 21, 2004


The Problem With America

I can't believe what a pussy nation this is turning into. I actually catch and document corruption centered on Bolshevik HQ, Boston, and people are sort of offended. I'm REAL fucking impressed some of the Bostonians have had something to say other than retardely grunting their own names over and over. Get over yourselves, you know the Red Sox and the Patriots and John Kerry are all communist, faggot-loving assholes who steal, cheat, lie, connive and let planes from Boston-Logan get hijacked.

If Al Qaeda could slip past John Kerry's personal security force (or lack thereof) and drop some planes on Boston then I think we as Americans would be glad to call it even.

That would be great. The first American Revolution began killing opressors stationed in Boston. Maybe the second Revolution can as well.

Don't like that?

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