Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Powerline Is On The Case!

Three cases, actually:

1. The MSM is lying to cover up Bush's massive lead in real (as opposed to surveyed) opinion.

2. Illegal aliens are voting for Democrats. As I said earlier.

3. The Useless Nations, led by Kofi Apeman, is trying to elect Jewish Frenchman John Kerry.

I said before that the UN would use its "observers" to try to steal the election. And for a man who's Jewish! High irony from those turds. Why can't someone destroy that building with an airliner?

As for this idiocy of the MSM and their "polls", they obviously have a vested interest in making people believe that the election is going to be close. Less separation means more viewers and the "need" for more polls. In addition, if people think it's going to be close but then Bush blows Kerry's swiftboat out of the water, they can lie and scream disenfranchisement.

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