Thursday, October 14, 2004


MTV, Seditious Idiots

MTV (that's moronic television) is stealing your tax money. These traitors have taken out ads on cable to hype their "Choose Or Lose" campaign and are writing them off their taxes as public service announcments.

What's wrong with that? Aren't PSA's deductible for the media? Well not when you advertise commercial goods and a one-sided political agenda. The ads point you to The first ad to load on their site is one for Freiheit 9/11, by Michael Moron. Below that ad and at about half the size is one for the "Choose Or Lose" crap. Well, guess which candidates are favorably portrayed by the media empire that owns Comedy Central, CBS and the Sundance channel? Not pro-American candidates. Now these channels are hosting an anti-Bush LIE to scare people into thinking there's going to be a draft.

Too bad a hijacked airliner can't hit the Viacom building in NYC

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