Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Man and Superman and Marxist Myths

So Christopher Reeve died yesterday and I couldn't care less. I was sick and tired of that "Oh I'm crippled, but I have a sunny attitude and if we all hold hands and believe things will get better" attitude. It obviously doesn't work because he never took a step again and he ended up on the coroner's slab just like we all will one day.

Over at Crushkerry.com they had the guts to put up an actual commentary not only suggesting the same thing, but criticizing Reeves for believing in and leading the "race" for the mythological stem cell cure for everything. Ron Reagan needs to be added to the critique as a dupe and a prophet for a false cause.

The problem is that the loony left will use puppets like Reeve to pull at the heartstrings of the mushy-minded suburbanites. The objective is to convince middle-classers that stealing a little more of their tax money and a little more of their freedom and a little more of their dignity is worth it if you cure someone like Reeve. Or if you stop "global warming". Or if you ban assault rifles. Or if you bow to the UN... etc.

It's hard to fight a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent using only emotion and the lies of easy solutions to difficult problems.

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