Tuesday, October 19, 2004


The Legacy of Boston Judges

As if letting Willie Horton kill again wasn't bad enough, New England's officiators have been on a tear lately in the sports world.

First in Super Bowl XXXVIII, where for every penalty against Carolina, they charged one of the players their first born child as opposed to the Patriots who were penalized by being GIVEN a gold bar for every time they cheated. I assume they follow the "Patriots" everywhere and that's why that team has "won" 20 games in row.

Now, as if Selig hasn't fucked baseball up enough already (but that's a different story), he's aligned the umpires in the Yankees-Red Sox "matchup" to put the Red Sox in a position to win close games by having them make rotten calls in favor of Boston to extend the series and make MLB more $$$.

I'm sick and fucking tired of the God damn Red Sox. Boston's a pussy town, no matter what color sox they wear. They didn't win their own division, so why the hell are they in the playoffs? Marx himself couldn't have designed a more communistic playoff scheme. Funny how a team from taxachussetts is the benificiary of said scheme. And fuck apeman-looking Ortiz. Hell if I sat around popping steroids and jacking my cock for 23 hours and 45 minutes a day, I'd hit a lot of home runs too. I mean, the people on this team are just plain FUGLY. Martinez and Ramirez look like they've got sweat-matted pubic hair coming out from under their caps. Damon looks like a hobo or a Taliban fighter. Who's that douchebag white guy with the corn rows? What's his deal?

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