Monday, October 18, 2004


Jon Stewart, Jew Race Traitor

In a bitter display of partisan hackery, Jon Jewart (I mean Jon Stewart, which still isn't his real Hebrew name) has said he will endorse fellow traitor to the Hebrew race, John Kerry. No wonder this asshole's ratings have dropped. Even high losers don't want to hear either of these backstabbers drone on. It IS something of a buzzkill.

John Leibowitz (aka Jon Stewart) is nothing but an NWO agenda shill and a traitor to the U.S. His ass licking of Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) is heinous, as is his phony push to "restore sanity" now that the left is facing a lame duck presidency and loss of political power because America is finally waking up. Is the destruction of the U.S. sanity? I think not. If this were a real republic, he would have his smarmy ass crucified under the Washington Monument, and his death throes shown on live television for the whole country to see.
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