Monday, October 25, 2004


Is There a Jew Conspiracy?

Yes, there IS a Jew conspiracy, but it's not what the moslems would have you believe. Most of the top organizers actively trying to destroy America and President Bush are Jews. Jon Stewart, Blah-Blah Streisand, and even the captain himself, John Kerry. Moreover, a secret cabal of (mostly) Jewish billionaires met in Colorado to try and defeat President Bush. What if a group of white billionaires had met in South Carolina to defeat John Kerry? Would there be an outcry in the communist MSM? You bet. But since the MSM is run by leftist Jews, they cover it all up.

These particular Jews are completely in the dark as to where their race would be if not for the USA. It would be dead. Gone. Arrivederci. And yet this same group of race-traitors stand up alongside the forces of anti-semitism and tell you, with a a straight face, to vote for the demcrap party. You know, the party of Adolf Sharpton and Jesse Jackass. Not to mention the democrap party's connections to fundamentalist Islam. So, as far as I'm concerned, any Jew that continues to vote for the democrap party gets what they deserve; a baseball bat to the face from the moslems and angry blacks that run said party and will run roughshod over Jews if the democraps and the Useless Nations conquer America.

Every American Jew should be sent to two places: Europe and Israel at least once in their lifetime. Then they'll see what their race is up against.

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