Thursday, October 28, 2004


How To Talk To A Liberal

Apologies to Ann Coulter, but there's just no fucking way to do it.

I was telling some middle-aged failure (how could that type be anything but liberal?) that John Kommy's position of sleeping man to the UN's succuba is far more dangerous than anything that George Bush could do.

The lying hippie responded by yelling (that must prove they're right) about how Bush could have made the moslems fight each other (REAL liberal) and now America really "is the Great Satan!"

Now America "is the Great Satan!" What the fuck were we on September 10, 2001?

This is the problem with the traitors that will vote for John Kerry. They believe S11 was America's fault and fighting back just makes it worse, or at least reinforces the notion that S11 was justified. These people deserve to have their votes thrown out.

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