Thursday, October 21, 2004


Death To Bud Selig!

Bud Selig is a scumbag. He is also a communist. If his business (and he does run it like it's his HIS) makes $3.5 billion a year, it should play by the same rules as other businesses, without government protection.

His idiotic "Wild Card" idea must have come from some kind of drinking game of the same moniker where your opponents put an unidentified substance in a glass then you chug it. I'm guessing his was a sludge of Comet and rubbing alcohol. It's another scheme straight from Bolshevism.

"Hey, we completely fucked around during the regular season. Is it alright if we play in the playoffs?"

"Why, sure! You're scrappy. People will
line my pockets while I screw them to watch scrappy teams! Since only a few teams are good anyway, this class-warfare strategy will probably work in an increasingly bleeding-heart nation."

Here are some of the other stupid ideas he has been party to. And If you don't believe the things I've torn into Bud Selig about, just ask his friends.

The "ownership" of two teams (by more guys than just Selig) seems to need special merit. Is it coincidence that the team from a certain Bolshevik town was down 3-0 and performed the impossible act of winning a seven game series? Or is it possible that Bud Selig (acting commissioner, acting on par with that of Pauly Shore) helped steal the Red Sox to a low bidder (in a deal the Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly called a "bag job") who happened to be owner of another team. Another team that happened to beat the Yankees LAST year. Coincidence? You're a moron if you think so.

Selig cheated and Henry got the payoff. Bank on it.

Ooooooo! That's the ticket: It's all a big *conspiracy!*

Just grow up. Your Yankers lost. Boo-hoo-hoo. Finally found a pennant they couldn't buy.

And get your facts straight: To the contrary of what you posted on Allah's blog, John Henry does NOT own the Marlins and the Sox. Henry USED to own the Marlins but sold them when he bought the BoSox. A man named Jeff Luria - who used to own the Expos - owns the Marlins.

(Sheesh. This idiot acts as if he knows everything and can't even get his facts straight.)

I am a baseball fan from Boston who lives in south Florida. I hope the Sox win it all but, dude, it's only a game! Lighten up!

(F'ing Yankers fans are all the same. If the Yankers don't win the World Series - pennants don't count - then they suck. Unbelievable.)
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